18 May, 01:02 PM

Ukraine's defense minister says 17 enemy BTGs completely destroyed in 80 days

Seventeen battalion tactical groups (BTGs) of the enemy have been completely destroyed by the Ukrainian Army in 80 days of the war, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said in a Facebook post on May 17.

"During this period, the Ukrainian defenders (both men and women) proved that Russia's ability to conduct successful offensive operations simultaneously in several strategic areas been overestimated," he said.

"According to our evaluations, 17 BTGs have been completely destroyed in 80 days."

At the same time, Reznikov added that despite these huge losses, the Russians still outnumber Ukraine in heavy weapons.

First of all, they dominate in aviation, and also in armored vehicles, multiple launch rocket systems, and artillery, the minister said.

"According to Ukrainian intelligence, the total combined group of troops used against Ukraine (including reserves) is about 167,000 personnel," Reznikov stressed.

"91 BTGs have been directly deployed to take part in the fighting. Taking into account all the reserves, Russia can send additional 55 BTGs to the hostilities within one to two months."

According to Ukraine's General Staff, about 28,000 Russian invaders have been killed since the beginning of the Russian full-scale war against Ukraine.

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