25 June, 01:12 PM

Russian invaders launched more than 20 rockets on military bases in Zhytomyr Oblast

Russian forces launched 24 cruise missiles from the territory of Belarus against military bases and other facilities around Zhytomyr, reported the mayor of Zhytomyr, Serhiy Sukhomlin, on his Facebook page on June 25.

“We were all woken up this morning by loud explosions," he wrote.

"Nothing was launched into Zhytomyr itself, but the military facilities around Zhytomyr were attacked. Rockets were launched from aircrafts that came from Belarus. A total of 24 missiles were fired at military bases and facilities around Zhytomyr. I can't comment on whether there are casualties, that’s a task for the military administration. In the city of Zhytomyr itself, everything is quiet."

On the morning of June 25, the Zhytomyr military administration reported explosions in the oblast.

The village of Desna, in Chernihiv Oblast, was also attacked with missiles.

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