2 May, 04:25 PM

The Tragedy of Russia

Dmytro Tuzov

Political commentator, host on Radio NV

The tragedy of the Russian people is that even now, after the massacre they caused, they continue to support Putin.

What a chasm between Russians and Ukrainians. My acquaintance's son was in the Volunteer Formations of Territorial Communities when the enemy was stopped in Hostomel.

Now he is preparing to renew his service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine unit. The kid saw Ukrainian citizens tortured by Russians in Bucha. Raped girls with their hands tied. So his mother asks him not to kill the occupants: "Son, take them, prisoner. Let them be judged by a court. Let them be judged by an international tribunal.

We have become part of Europe, after all. This is asked by a mother who went gray when there was no communication with her son because his cell phone was lost under the shelling. And only a few days later she gets this call.  "Mom, I'm alive!" he said.

Until that moment, she watched the black smoke from Hostomel covering the sky. She was sobbing and banging her head against the wall.

And now this woman asks that the Russian military be dealt with according to the law. That they should be judged by the Ukrainian people. And this is not a made-up story.

Russian mothers do not say the same to their sons who were taken from them for this war. And some of these sons went to the slaughter deliberately.  Those mothers even urge their sons to destroy the "Ukrofascists." And now they are killing even a few months-old babies.

Russian mothers do not organize protest movements of soldiers' mothers. It's impossible in Russia. And there is no point in appealing to them. They don't mind their children killing as many Ukrainians as possible, but they themselves stay alive. I hope not all of them. But a significant majority.

There is a chasm between us. Not that we will never be brothers and sisters. We will never even understand each other. Different values, different rules, different ideas of right and wrong.

Different upbringing, different education, different frames of reference. Unjustified violence I wondered back in school, reading Dostoevsky. There are, of course, murderers and rapists in all countries and systems of coordination. And we have enough of them. So are looters. That's true. But in such a way that murder, rape, pillage, and war are state policies with the support of almost the entire nation. This is a massive civilizational perversion. A huge pathology in the genesis of modern civilization. A zone of some kind of psychological anomaly on one-sixth of the globe.

The tragedy of the Russian people is not only that they stirred up and supported the bloody butcher who first turned his own country into a prison, and then led this miserable, uneducated, poor, and hungry Russian people with the consciousness of mass murderers to destroy Ukraine.

The tragedy of the Russian people is that even now, after the carnage they have caused, they continue to support Putin and his litter. And pretend that the rockets killing people in Ukraine - including three-month-old babies - is Putin's "holy war" with a worldwide conspiracy against Russia. Most Russians have never realized what they had done.

For the most part, Russians, unfortunately, are not even close to realizing the depths of the abyss they are in. And this allows Putin to keep throwing them into the furnace of hell. Thus, our common wish that the occupants burn in hell together with their Putin is realized not in the netherworld, but now and now.

But the tragedy of Ukraine is that its people are paying a very high price to save civilization from modern Russian Nazism...

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian mother asks her son not to kill the Russian military. Let them be judged by God, the Ukrainian people, and an international tribunal. The son only hugs his mother, cradles her in his arms, and promises nothing. No promises, no apologies. The man has seen too much for his age.

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