12 July, 03:23 PM

Akhmetov media channels switch to translating telethon, and media group’s websites no longer updated

The TV channels belonging to Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov’s Ukraine Media Group have ended their own programming and begun broadcasting the national telethon war coverage, news outlet Liga reported on July 12

The websites of Segodnya and Ukraina24 newspapers, also part of the oligarch’s group, have stopped updating, Liga also noted.

The wartime telethon is broadcast not only by Ukraine and the Ukraine 24 channels, but also by Ukraine Media Group’s niche channels, like UFO TV, Indigo TV and Football ½/3.

On the website, the latest news is about Akhmetov's exit from the media business. The Segodnya website, which has been working since 2007, has also stopped updating.

Later, SCM clarified that only its broadcasting licenses had been returned to the state. No other assets of the media group will be transferred to the state, the company said.

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