4 August, 04:32 PM

Ukraine’s Armed Forces hit Antonivsky railway bridge in Kherson

Explosions were heard in the area of the Antonivsky railway bridge in Kherson overnight on Aug. 4, the Ukrainian military’s Strategic Command said in a Telegram post, and shared a video of the event.

“The strike, it seems, was not only on the bridge itself but also on ‘humanitarian aid and mineral fertilizers,’ which the intellectually deficient (Russians) dragged over for delivery across the river,” the military said, referring to common false Russian claims that their ammunition and weapons supply shipments are humanitarian aid and fertilizers.

“These ‘blankets and pillows’ burned and exploded for a long time,” Ukraine’s military added.

Ukraine first struck the road bridge, a key supply route for Russian occupiers in Kherson Oblast, overnight on July 27. Russian collaborator Kirill Stremousov stated that the bridge had sustained notable damage, making it unsuitable for traffic. The collaborator added that the railway bridge, about 6 kilometers away, had also been hit.

The Ukrainian military’s South Operational Command said the strikes on the Antonivsky bridge had been extremely precise, and that the military is maintaining control over strategically important logistics and transport routes that the occupiers rely on.

Following the strikes, Russian occupying forces launched a number of pontoon platforms for transit across the Dnipro – a trip that takes about two hours in total.

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