7 June, 02:42 PM

Bodies of fallen Azovstal defenders brought to Kyiv, say relatives

The bodies of the fallen defenders of Azovstal have been returned to Kyiv, confirmed the Association of Azovstal Defenders’ Relatives organization via Telegram Messenger on June 6. These bodies were obtained in a like-for-like swap with Russia.

"Indeed, the bodies of the dead Azovstal defenders have already arrived in Kyiv,” the Association’s message reads.

“The executive support service of the Azov Regiment met, and together with doctors, conducted an examination and description of the bodies. It is important to note that one third of the bodies of the dead are fighters of the Azov Regiment, while the affiliation of other bodies to different units is being clarified. As things stand, the work of the forensic experts may take up to three months.”

Subsequently, the families of the defenders will be called on for further examination and identification.

Negotiations and organizational issues concerning the further exchange of the bodies of other fallen defenders are ongoing.

Earlier, the Associated Press reported that Russia had handed dozens of bodies of Ukrainian soldiers who died at the Azovstal steelworks over to Kyiv.

On June 4, it emerged that Ukraine and Russia, for the first time, exchanged the bodies of fallen soldiers according to the "160 for 160" formula.

 A spokeswoman for the Azov Regiment, Anna Holovko, stated that all 160 Ukrainian bodies were from Azovstal. According to her, at least 52 of these bodies are believed the remains of Azov Regiment soldiers.

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