8 April, 02:17 PM

Bucha mayor reveals preliminary results of the inspections of massacred civilians

Bucha Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruk discussed his first discoveries when returning to the Kyiv suburb of Bucha during an interview with Voice of America's Ukrainian service on April 8, and shared his impressions of the Russian atrocities committed there.

Bucha, an upper middle-class suburb a few kilometers north of Kyiv, had been occupied almost since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Fedoruk returned to the city on April 1.

"First, we walked to the railway crossing, looked at the broken houses, saw the burnt military equipment," he said.

"We actually reached the crossroads of Vokzalna and Yablunska streets, and saw 21 bodies of people who had been killed, tortured, civilians with their hands tied, who had been shot. And it was clear that they had been lying there for more than one day because the dogs had already started eating some of the bodies."

Fedoruk noted that a day later, it turned out that the Russians had set up their "headquarters" in a local children's camp.

"And there, in the dungeon, five more young men were found, with their hands tied," he said.

"A large number of executed people were lying on the streets. And not from shrapnel, not from mortars, but from bullet wounds, i.e. people had been shot with machine guns."

The mayor said that about 80% of the territory marked safe for exploration had already been examined.

"Because, don't get me wrong, it's dangerous to go into the wooded or a coastal areas, near populated areas,” he noted.

“These are the territories where the Russian troops were deployed, from which Kyiv and other settlements were shelled, therefore they are still mined and no one, except for specialists, can set foot there."

The Bucha mayor added that demining teams were working with utility workers from the gas and power companies, in order to restore the operation of critical infrastructure.

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