27 March, 03:38 PM

Erotic photos on Twitter garner donations for Ukrainian defenders

Two girls from Belarus and Ukraine have organized “Teronlyfans,” a movement that motivates people to send money to help the Ukrainian army resist Russian aggression.

Russia's war against Ukraine has prompted a general mobilization. Some are fighting the invaders on the front line, some are helping to supply the army, volunteers are delivering humanitarian aid, and those who have managed to keep their jobs are supporting the country's economy.

However, two girls — Nastya from Belarus and Nastya from Ukraine (surnames and cities are not named at the request of the two) — approached the issue from an unusual angle. To motivate people to donate money to the Ukrainian army, they organized the Teronlyfans movement — a reference to territorial defense and the Onlyfans paid content platform.

We sat down with Nastya to learn more about the success of their project, the biggest donation and the “workforce” of girls ready to motivate people to help the army.

How did it all start?

When the full-scale invasion of Russian troops began, Nastya was in Zagreb, where she had gone on vacation the week before. In Kyiv, where she lived, she had almost everything that mattered: an apartment, pets, work, and friends. Therefore, she immediately set out to help with all her strength from abroad.

She had a relatively popular Twitter account due to her passion for video games. She began by actively collecting and sharing information: who needs help, how to go abroad, how and where to donate money, and so on.

On the third day of the war, Nastya was asked to find a car from the city of Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine. Her posts got a lot of likes and retweets, but the most important thing — a result — was missing. Then Nastya added under the original tweet that she would send nudes to whoever finds the car. It helped — the car was found quite quickly.

The following morning, Nastya received dozens of messages, with an offer to send her money to get photos too. The girl offered to send money to the Armed Forces, and not to her, because she did not experience financial problems. These tweets quickly went viral — and by the evening her friend had drawn art and a logo for the Teronlyfans project.

At first, the idea seemed rather absurd. “But when we collected about UAH 200,000 ($6,750) in the first days, it turned out to be effective. The idea was plain to see, because on Twitter, many girls like to post nudes on Thursdays. We just steered it in the right direction. And then those very girls started approaching us with a request to join.

The logistics of Teronlyfans

The setup is quite simple. The first step is to send a donation to the Ukrainian army. Any donation is suitable for this — from the Armed Forces special account in the National Bank and major NGOs like “Come Back Alive” to targeted assistance to local territorial defenses.

In addition to the general collection of money, the girls can choose to engage in targeted assistance — for example, according to Nastya, they previously asked people to donate money for bulletproof vests for the Vinnytsia territorial defense, and also collected money to help the zoo in Mykolaiv, as well as the territorial defense in Bila Tserkva (Kyiv Oblast).

Once the money has been sent, a screenshot of the transaction is taken and sent to one of the girls on Teronlyfans' Twitter list. There you can find all the participants of the project — there are currently about 10 of them, 15 more have joined the movement anonymously, simply by providing their pictures. A little while later, you get a photo.

How successful is the movement?

On average, people donate about 5,000 hryvnias ($169), most often screenshots show amounts of about UAH 1,000-1,500 ($34-51). “The smallest donation was for UAH 50 ($2), the largest one was for $3,000. We give such donors free Onlyfans subscriptions to the models who provided photos to us,” says Nastya.

On a separate note, she stresses that the girls do not take a dime for their photos and do not ask for any money on personal accounts. All they need is a screenshot of the donation.

In the evening, everyone reports on the work done, after which the collected assistance is counted. Nastya could not tally up the number of sent photos — there are already too many of them.

Teronlyfans also maintains a list of "somewhat mendacious people" who send screenshots to several girls at once. “For such people, we have a separate notebook and public disgrace after the victory,” says Nastya.

At the time of writing, the girls had managed to collect and send over UAH 5.1 million ($172,223) to help the army.

They plan to work until Ukraine’s victory. After the war, the project will be ended.

Photo caption: At first, the idea seemed rather absurd, but in only the first few days it proved its effectiveness. (Photo: Teronlyfans)

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