22 November, 01:01 AM

Evidence of systemic war crimes in every area Russia occupied, US says

There is ample evidence of Moscow’s troops engaging in systematic war crimes in every Ukrainian region that faced Russian occupation, U.S. State Department Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice, Beth Van Schaack, told CNN on Nov. 21.

According to Van Schaack, the evidence is “mounting” of war crimes being committed in “every region where Russia's forces have been deployed.”

She specified that Russian war crimes include deliberate and indiscriminate attacks against civilian population and infrastructure, cruelty towards civilians and POWs, and attempts to conceal these crimes. Furthermore, incoming reports indicate numerous cases of executions, torture, and sexual violence, perpetrated by invading Russian forces.

“There are compelling reports describing physical and psychological abuse, including summary executions, as part of the operations and the forcible transfer and deportation including thousands of Ukrainian children, who've been abducted and forcibly adopted by families within Russia,” Van Schaack added.

Earlier on Nov. 21, NATO parliamentary Assembly adopted a resolution that designates Russia as a terrorist state and calls for an international tribunal to hold the Russian regime accountable.

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