20 August, 02:00 PM

Explosions rock Sevastopol in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea

Residents of the city of Sevastopol in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea reported the blasts late on Aug. 19.

According to the Krymskiy Veter (Crimean Wind) Telegram messenger, nine rocket launches were heard in Sevastopol within a minute.

At the same time, the Russian Agency.News Telegram messenger, with reference to two residents of Sevastopol, reported about five to seven “either explosions or shots.”

The so-called “governor” of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, claims that “popping” in the city center and near Streletska Bay was came from air defenses and ship artillery, which allegedly shot down a drone.

Prior to that, the Russian invaders reported air defenses were active in Yevpatoria.

Several powerful blasts rocked a Russian air base near the village of Novofedorivka in Russian-occupied Crimea on Aug. 9.

U.S. media later reported Ukraine was behind the attack, although Kyiv officially denies responsibility.

The next day, Ukraine’s General Staff announced the destruction of nine Russian planes as a result of the blasts.

Forbes later reported that between eight and 24 Russian aircraft were destroyed by the explosions.

Explosions were heard again in Russian-occupied Crimea on Aug. 16. In the morning, an ammunition depot exploded near the village of Azovske in the Dzhankoy district, and a fire broke out at an electricity transformer station in Dzhankoy itself.

Later, explosions hit an air base near the Crimean capital city of Simferopol.

In addition, residents of the city of Kerch on the eastern tip of the peninsula heard loud bangs resembling explosions on the evening of Aug. 18. Residents of Sevastopol also reported explosions near the Belbek airfield.

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