25 June, 07:07 PM

Russia accused of spreading fake news to lure evacuated residents back to Mariupol

Russian occupiers in Mariupol have been distributing fake news about homes being demolished in the city to forces evacuees to return, Mariupol mayoral advisor Petro Andryushchenko said on Telegram on June 24.

"’Secret’ information about buildings in Mariupol that are to be demolished has been shared in Russian-controlled social media groups today,” he wrote.

"The information spreads quite quickly and sparks a widespread reaction among evacuated Mariupol residents.”

According to Andryushchenko, this information is a deliberate fake, the purpose of which, due to psychological influence and the fear of losing the last of their belongings, is to force Mariupol residents to return home from the evacuation, as the occupiers in Mariupol lack a working population.

"After analyzing the list of buildings, we can confidently state that at least 30 percent of this list is not damaged at all,” he stated.

“So do not believe a word. Do not worry and do not panic. You are deliber-ately being dragged on to a road to nowhere to be exploited as modern slaves of Russia. This is the work of the Russian psyops and has nothing todo with the realities of demolition of buildings.”

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