19 July, 12:22 PM

Russians attack on four axes in Donbas, reports Luhansk regional governor

Russian troops are conducting mass shelling of Ukrainian-controlled populated areas on the border of Luhansk Oblast, using aviation, artillery, and rockets, announced the head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, Serhiy Hayday, on June 19.

According to him, the invading forces attacked on four axes, with the Ukrainian military managing to repulse the attack almost everywhere. 

"The enemy fired four rockets and two airstrikes at populated areas on the border of the two oblasts,” wrote the governor. 

“11 times the occupiers shelled civilian buildings with artillery.” 

Hayday also noted that during the day, Russian troops had also simultaneously tried to conduct assaults on four axes. 

Verkhnokamyanske was attacked both from the side of its oil refinery and from the Zolotarivka district. From there, the Russians likely wanted to advance towards Donetsk Oblast. They also tried to improve their positions near Bilohorivka. Fighting continues in some areas. 

"Russians are almost continuously shelling both Luhansk Oblast and the settlements of Donetsk Oblast, which are located near our oblast, with cannon and rocket artillery," Hayday said. 

The Russian army has not managed to completely capture the entire territory of Luhansk Oblast. They constantly storm settlements on the border of the region and deploy sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

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