21 July, 03:53 PM

General mobilization in Russia would mean Putin's failure in Ukraine – Ukraine’s intelligence

If Russian dictator Vladimir Putin announces general mobilization, that would mean Russia’s failure in Ukraine, Ukrainian military intelligence spokesman Vadym Skibitsky said at a briefing on July 21.

According to the official, the Kremlin regime now considers it better to conduct so-called covert mobilization, which does not require the declaration of martial law, as well as recruiting mercenaries.

Skibitsky confirmed that Russian losses in Ukraine are significant, but at the same time not critical, since Russia has large mobilization resources.

"But we already see the problems they have," he said.

"First of all, the problems with the staffing of combat units... So far, there is no open mobilization of the Russian population... To declare general mobilization, to declare war means admitting defeat. To recognize the non-fulfillment of those tasks that were set for the 'special military operation.' So, they did not achieve what they wanted to do with their blitzkrieg and very quick occupation of the entire territory of our state."

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