20 September, 02:24 PM

German far-right politicians plan trip to Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine

A group German Bundestag MPs from the far-right Alternative for Germany or AfD party plans to visit parts of eastern Ukraine currently occupied by Russia invasion forces, the statement on the official site of the party said, on Sept. 19.

According to the Bundestag MPs, who are supporters of the Kremlin regime, the purpose of the trip is supposedly to check the objectivity of the information provided by German media in regard to the Russian war against Ukraine.

The MPs said they planned to enter Ukraine via Russia, which is illegal.

Reacting to the AfD’s announcement, Ukrainian Ambassador to Berlin Andriy Melnyk warned the German MPs that any illegal visits by them to the occupied territories would be seen as "support for the Russian war of annihilation."

“This is a criminal offense (incitement to criminal aggression),” Melnyk wrote on Twitter.

Melnyk also published a list of the German far-right party members who are planning the trip.

The list includes:

  • -Natalie Veit
  • -Swetlana Risto
  • -Dr. Christian Blex
  • -Daniel Wald
  • -Dr. Hans-Thomas Tillschneider

It wouldn’t be the first time AfD members have visited occupied parts of Ukraine: in 2018, several AfD members traveled to Crimea, which Russian invaded and started to occupy in 2014. According to German news magazine Der Spiegel, an AfD member of parliament, Ulrich Oehme, has admitted to having received monetary benefits from the Russian parliament for the illegal trip.

Meanwhile, following a successful counter-offensive by the Ukrainian army, the Kremlin regime initiated an urgent pseudo-referendum on the “joining” of these territories to Russia through its puppets in the occupied Donbas.

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