16 April 2022, 10:31 AM

How dangerous are Macron's words about the 'brotherhood' of Russians and Ukrainians

Dmytro Tuzov

Political commentator, host on Radio NV

The French president's rhetoric about Russia's invasion of Ukraine is an attempt to reconcile everyone.

And it would be noble if it was a child's quarrel over a toy that was not shared. Mr. President, I do not want to upset you, but we are much more serious. They are just trying to kill us. And to destroy Ukraine. This is a rather specific manifestation of " brotherhood."

Of course, I understand that there are elections in France. And that in your country - a significant pro-Russian electorate. But it is also not a matter of misleading the world with theses from Putin's dictionary of mass disinformation. This is exactly what Putin and his entourage say about Ukrainians as " brotherly people." However, they are confused - once they talk about the " brotherly people" another time about the absence of these people, because " Russians and Ukrainians are one and the same." At the same time, there is a certain pattern.

The more the Kremlin talks about the brotherhood between Russians and Ukrainians, the more bombs, artillery shells, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles hit Ukrainians.

And, as you know, all these kilotons of explosives do not choose who they kill - pregnant women, babies, the elderly.

The Russians do not hide their manifestations of brotherly love. During talks in Turkey between the Ukrainian and Russian delegations, just when Sergei Lavrov told the world that "Russia did not attack Ukraine", the Russians bombed the maternity hospital with powerful air bombs. And, unfortunately, there are many such examples.

It is alarming that the President of France made his statement after the published facts with signs of genocide against Ukrainians in the suburbs of Kyiv - in Irpin, Bucha, Hostomel, Borodyanka, and other settlements.

Yes, I know about the Russians' version that Ukrainians are destroying their own hospitals, maternity hospitals, theaters, oil depots, food depots, and other infrastructure. They fire on their own cities and destroy residential neighborhoods, kill their own people and bury them in pits. No wonder - this is how Putin's media army works under the command of such characters as Vladimir Solovyov, Dmitry Kisilyov, Margarita Simonyan, Olga Skabeeva, and others. Here, in Ukraine, we are unable to understand this diabolical logic - to destroy our own country in order to please someone in the West and awaken feelings of sacrifice? To get an extra parcel of humanitarian aid in exchange for a ruined country that Putin's vultures are turning into broken brick quarters, like in Syria?

But this disinformation war of Russians against common sense works. And not only did the Prime Minister of Hungary Orban demand evidence that the war crimes in Ukraine were committed by the Russian military, elite units of the Kadyrovites, representatives of the FSB, and the Rosgvardia.

That is, all this armed horde occupied Ukrainian cities, stayed in them, drank tea, and politely left? And even some politicians do not see a causal link between these events. After all, even with all the doubts - if there was no Russian invasion, there would be no destruction of infrastructure and killings.

I agree that there must be concrete evidence that civilians were killed by Russians. Then, dear European politicians, the ball is on your side. Ukraine is conducting an examination and exhumation of mass graves. Get involved, and send your best experts.

All the doors are open for you. But even before that moment - the consequences of this war with signs of genocide - before your eyes.

Spreading the narrative that "Ukrainians and Russians are two fraternal peoples" who simply quarreled for some reason could act as a smokescreen to kill Ukrainians and destroy Ukraine as a state.

Because such stories shift the focus from the objective fact: the bloody Russian invasion of Ukraine, the large-scale war in Europe, as a result of which the Putin regime demolishes entire cities from the face of the earth, along with those who lived in them, to almost domestic motives. . After all, usually no one interferes in family scandals.

Of course, everyone knows the biblical story of Cain and Abel. But, ladies and gentlemen, millennia have passed since then. And the evolution of humanity must move forward, not backward. And we have no right to question the universal values we know, on which the civilization of modern Europe is based.

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