15 June 2022, 05:32 PM

In Severodonetsk, Ukrainian military controls a third of the city, and industrial zone

The Ukrainian military still controls a third of the Luhansk Oblast city Severodonetsk, head of the military-civilian administration of Severodonetsk Oleksandr Stryuk said on Radio Liberty on June 15.

Stryuk said that there had been no major changes to the situation. The military continue to hold their positions. Last night, there was heavy shelling, with the Russians using Grad multiple launch rocket systems and heavy artillery to attack Ukrainian positions.

“Our troops took position and are holding the line of defense,” Stryuk said.

“The situation is difficult, but stable and controllable. Two-thirds of residential areas are controlled by Russian troops. As for our troops, we control about a third of the city, together with the industrial zone and nearby territories.”

Asked whether it’s now possible to send reinforcements to the defending Ukrainian units, he said: “There is a way, but it is rather complicated.”

“Indeed, the bridges are destroyed, it’s doubtful we can use them. Almost every bridge is missing a span. There are certain difficulties, but the city is not cut off. There are several ways to deliver the necessities.”

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