18 March, 05:16 PM

Is Olaf Scholz a lawyer for the Putin regime or the chancellor of Germany?

Dmytro Tuzov

Political commentator, host on Radio NV

German Chancellor Scholz has shocked me by a statement that only Putin is responsible for the war in Ukraine.

The German politician justifies the actions of Putin's entourage, those who agreed to this massacre in Europe: members of the Russian Security Council, the defense minister who drafted the plan to bomb peaceful cities, even senators of the State Duma who gave permission to President Putin to use Russian forces abroad.

With these statements, Scholz signs an indulgence to Russian pilots who have been deliberately dropping bombs on maternity hospitals and theaters that have signs  "children" on the ground next to the buildings.

The Chancellor of Germany has issued an indulgence to Ramzan Kadyrov's infantrymen shooting at civilians trying to escape from the hell caused by Russian artillery shelling.

Chancellor Scholz in absentia morally supported rocket launchers that hit ballistic missiles in peaceful cities. It's not that they aim missiles at a peaceful target on their tablets - it's all Putin. And he, by power of his charisma, presses the "start" button. Citizens of Russia in uniform only make some movements and actions for which they are not responsible.

Therefore, even moral suffering is inappropriate. Moreover, these Russian citizens, who are "irrelevant" to the crime, still do not see the severed arms and legs of Ukrainian children they are shooting at. Mr. Chancellor, I apologize for the excessive naturalism that can hurt your mood when you drink your morning coffee.

And it is not Russian generals who give orders to their subordinates to loot the local population in the occupied territories and take away from him even food. That's all - Putin's evil genius! How everything is simply explained!

 The German leader has sided with the number of Russians who say that Ukrainians have invented all this suffering, edited and forged videos from broken cities, and Putin is doing everything right. That is, he kills Ukrainians correctly and methodically. According to two polls by a group of independent Russian sociologists obtained by Radio Svoboda, 71% of Russians support the war with Ukraine and "feel such emotions as pride, joy, respect, trust and hope."

I understand that the more Putin kills Ukrainians, the more he destroys homes and leaves people without infrastructure, the more pride and hope Russians feel.

 Unfortunately, these 71% of Russians also give him permission to commit war crimes, which he commits not only against Ukraine. After all, this is a crime against humanity. The whole world sees the principles and rights that were considered inviolable disappearing together with Ukrainian cities. Among them is the right to life that Putin is taking away from the whole nation. Under the approval of their actions by the "constitutional majority" of Russian politicians and their voters.

 I'm disgusted to watch this. I used to think it was such diplomacy. Not to quarrel with Putin and continue to do business. But now I think it's something more. It is clear that the Putin regime is a whole system of politicians, military, punitive and law enforcement agencies, voters who give them a mandate to rule every time they vote. And to the war. In Chechnya, Georgia, Syria, Moldova, Ukraine.

And this regime punishes Ukrainians with death, injuries, destruction of infrastructure and the state for only one thing: they did not want to be part of its savage empire and chose the European direction. So the lawyer's statements about this war machine created by modern Russia are not just surprising. They encourage Russians to continue to commit war crimes, removing their responsibility for what they do. Surprisingly, such a high-level politician does not understand this. I only hope that not all Germans think so.

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