22 September, 07:24 PM

Kremlin to struggle to mobilize 300,000 reservists, says UK intel

Russia will face logistical and administrative problems in recruiting 300,000 people within its declared “partial mobilization”, the UK’s Defense Intelligence agency reported in a Twitter update on Sept. 22.

The agency's tweet says that Russia is likely to try to create new formations with these troops, which are unlikely to be combat-ready for several months.

"Even this limited mobilization is likely to be highly unpopular with parts of the Russian population," the message reads.

“Putin is accepting considerable political risk in the hope of generating much needed combat power.”

This step is actually a recognition that Russia has exhausted the pool of volunteers willing to fight in Ukraine, the intelligence added.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin early on Sept. 21 declared a partial mobilization in Russia and his readiness to use nuclear weapons in the event of a “threat to the territorial integrity” of Russia. He also said he would sup-port the holding of sham "referendums" to annex the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu — who stated that Russia is not at war with Ukraine, but with the "collective West" — announced that 300,000 reservists would be called up during the partial mobilization.

Earlier, on Sept. 20, the Russian State Duma, the Kremlin’s rubber-stamp parliament, rushed through votes introducing the concepts of “mobilization,” “martial law,” and “armed conflict” into Russia’s Criminal Code.

Now in Russia, desertion, absence from service and voluntary surrender will be punished more severely.

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