8 July, 11:41 AM

Largest number of ‘Kadyrovites’ killed in Severodonetsk, says local governor

Many of the so-called "Kadyrovites", elite soldiers of Rosgvardiya died in the battle for Severodonetsk, the head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration Serhiy Hayday told Popular Politics YouTube channel on July 7.

"We heard that the city of Severodonetsk was occupied four times. So — just for your understanding — the largest number of Kadyrov’s soldiers died in Severodonetsk," said Hayday.

He noted that the dead numbered in the hundreds, but did not name the exact number.

Hayday emphasized that one of the leaders of the Chechen division of the National Guard of Russia was seriously wounded.

"He may be on the verge of life and death," said the official.

Earlier, Hayday stated that the Russian invading forces staged “real terror” in the captured city of Kreminna. They persecute people with a pro-Ukrainian position or those who refuse to cooperate with them. Local collaborators help the invaders in this.

At the end of June, the Ukrainian military left the Severodonetsk industrial zone and moved to more fortified positions.

As of now, the Russian military still does not control 100% of the Luhansk Oblast, despite earlier claims.

During four months of fighting, Russian troops were able to advance 30 kilometers in the region.

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