13 June 2022, 07:47 PM

Lviv brewers have released a non-alcoholic beer dedicated to the UN

Lviv brewers Yuriy Nazaruk, Igor Chertov and Yuriy Zastavny have released a new beer called UNO, sold through the well-known Pravda brewery, they announced on social media on June 13.

“This batch was dedicated to one well-known, but unfortunately not very effective international organization,” they said, sarcastically explain the name of the new beer.

“The organization that isn’t very successful in achieving the goals for which it was created.”

The brewers also dedicated the release of the drink to the Lviv City Council, saying it is unlikely that its employees are “interested in alcohol” and will now buy “something of their own”.

The beer will be sold in cans with the sign "Unfortunately Non Alcoholic".

Earlier last week, two Ukrainian mascots, the feline mayor of Lviv, the cat Levchyk, and the famed de-mining dog Patron, met in the city. Pictures of the meeting can be found on Levchyk’s social media accounts.

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