4 April 2022, 03:33 PM

Merkel maintains Germany was right to keep Ukraine out of NATO back in 2008

Germany’s former long-time chancellor, Angela Merkel, remains convinced that the decision to not provide Ukraine with a NATO membership plan in 2008 was “the right one,” her spokesperson told German news outlet on April 4.

The statement was made in response to the recent accusation by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky that Germany’s reluctance to give a green light to Ukraine’s accession to NATO has resulted in the current brutal war Moscow is waging on the country and its people.

“I invite Merkel and (Nicolas) Sarkozy (president of France in 2007-2012) to visit Bucha and take a look at what their policy of Russian appeasement has led to, after 14 years,” Zelensky said.

“To see with their own eyes the Ukrainian men and women, tortured to death (by the Russians).”

“Angela Merkel stands by her decision in regards to the Bucharest 2008 NATO summit,” the ex-chancellor’s spokesperson said.

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