24 March, 04:38 PM

Moscow court rules that the slogan 'Fascism shall not pass' discredits the Russian army

Moscow's Tverskoy District Court has ruled that the slogan "Fascism will not pass" discredits the Russian army, the Russian OVD-Info NGO reported via Telegram messenger on March 24.

The court ruling was issued to activist Anna Krechetova, who had previously staged a single-person picket, holding a poster with the inscription "Fascism will not pass" in her hands.

The court ruled that the relevant inscription "is a clear expression of a negative attitude toward the Russian armed forces."

The court ruled to fine the woman RUB 50,000 (about $500).

“Fascism will not pass,” a translation of the anti-fascist slogan “No pasaran!”, which was popularized by anti-fascist forces fighting in the Spanish Civil War against dictator Francisco Franco, has been used worldwide to protest and oppose fascist elements in various countries around the world.

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