12 May, 12:34 PM

Newly published video shows Russian soldiers killing 2 unarmed civilians near Kyiv

Russian war crimes continue to be uncovered in Kyiv Oblast following the Russian retreat from the area, as a video, published by CNN on May 11, shows Russian soldiers executing two unarmed civilians on recorded surveillance footage.

Russia's war against Ukraine - the main events of May 12

The video, timestamped March 16 – in the midst of Russia’s month-long occupation and attack on the capital region – shows five Russian soldiers attempting to enter a car dealership. At the entrance, they are met by the owner and the security guard of the dealership with their hands raised.

After a short conversation, both men walk back onto the territory of the dealership. Then, two Russian soldiers approached the men from behind and opened fire. Both victims drop to the ground. One of the men died on the spot. The other was able to call for help, but also died of his wounds shortly thereafter.

Meanwhile, the Russian soldiers responsible busied themselves by looting the dealership.

The incident is currently being investigated by the Ukrainian prosecutor's office as a war crime.

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