26 November 2022, 07:01 PM

Nine more Ukrainian soldiers and three civilians released from Russian captivity, said Yermak

Another exchange of prisoners took place on Nov. 26, with 12 Ukrainians being freed, including three civilians, head of President’s Office Andriy Yermak reported on Nov. 26.

The military personnel freed were defending Mariupol, the Chornobyl NPP, and Zmiinyy Island.

“Another exchange of prisoners, we managed to free 12 of our people,” Yermak wrote.

“Among them are four marines, two national guardsmen, border guards, one from (territorial defense), as well as three civilians – a spouse and a man who was considered missing. Among the military are two officers, as well as seven privates and sergeants.”

He noted that 98 Ukrainians were returned in the past week.

“We’re working for the release of all our people,” he said.

“We’re not stopping. I thank the Coordination Staff on the treatment of prisoners of war for their work.”

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