27 November 2022, 05:31 PM

Over 700 settlements in Lviv Oblast still without electricity, power in 314 partly restored, says governor

The situation with the power supply in Lviv Oblast has already become better, but 718 settlements are still completely without power and another 314 are only partly reconnected to the grid, regional governor Maksym Kozytskyi wrote on Telegram early on Nov. 27.

He said only about half of Lviv Oblast’s population of 2.5 million can get water and power simultaneously. However, there are no problems with heating.

"As for now we can supply utilities to every house in our oblast, but the national electrical grid lacks the power for it,” Kozytskyi said.

“(That’s because of) the aftermath of the Russian mass missile strike of Nov. 23. I should point out that all (of Ukraine’s) oblasts are connected to one (national) grid."

He also added that citizens can warm themselves up, drink some hot beverages and recharge their gadgets at the Points of Invincibility that have opened throughout the country for such cases of outages.

On Nov. 23, the Russian military attacked a power plant in Lviv Oblast with cruise missiles.

The Russians attacked civilian infrastructure targets all over the country on the same day, plunging much of the country into darkness, knowing out heat and water supplies, and disrupting Internet and mobile phone connections.

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