30 July, 02:37 PM

Pentagon comments on Ukrainian army advances near city of Kherson

Although the Armed Forces of Ukraine have yet to achieve “giant advances” on the Kherson part of the front, progress is being made, a Pentagon official said during a briefing on July 29.

“I would highlight the advances that the Ukrainians are making around Kherson – and we have seen – and they're not large, giant advances but they are certainly advances against the Russians,” said the official.

According to them, Russia is moving troops to the south of Ukraine to strengthen its position in Kherson Oblast due to pressure from the Ukrainian army.

Ukraine’s General Staff on July 28 said that over the past two weeks Ukrainian troops have liberated three settlements from Russian invading forces in Kherson Oblast.

Ukraine forces on the night of July 27 carried out an accurate rocket artillery strike on the Antonivskiy Bridge in Kherson Oblast. The bridge is a strategic object over which Russian troops used to transport their equipment across the Dnipro River.

Kyrylo Stremousov, a collaborator with the Russian invasion forces in Kherson, said that the Antonivskiy Bridge had received significant damage, and traffic on it was now impossible.

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