18 August, 05:31 PM

Ukrainian poet Zhadan discusses “good Russians” in Kharkiv

Ukrainian poet and writer Serhii Zhadan discussed his beliefs on “good Russians” and the current situation in Kharkiv, in a Facebook post on Aug. 18.

“Kharkiv has been heavily and cruelly fired at since yesterday,” wrote Zhadan.

“It seems that for the second army of the world, a symmetrical response to the destruction of their trains and command posts is to open fire at dormitories and residential buildings.”

In his post, Zhadan also mentioned a discussion he had with foreign journalists.

“It was yesterday when I had an unexpected discussion with foreign journalists about the ‘good Russians’, about the responsibility of the entire Russian society, about Russian culture, as a cornerstone component of the ‘Russian world’,” emphasized Zhadan.

“Well, the Russians are definitely able to remind the world of their real essence in the most convincing way. The bearers of the cultural heritage of Dostoevsky destroyed a dorm for people with hearing impairments with a missile. This is what this war is like. Is Pushkin to blame for the fact that war criminals are born in Russia? He is. Of course, he is to blame. They are all to blame.”

Earlier on the evening of Aug. 17, and the morning of Aug. 18, as a result of massive missile attack on three districts of Kharkiv, nine people were killed, almost 40 were injured. One of the missiles impacted a house for the deaf. Last night was one of the most tragic nights for the city since the beginning of the war.

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