1 July, 06:48 PM

Most Ukrainians support full return of occupied territories with Donbas and Crimea

Ukrainians are demonstratively not interested in giving up land for peace with Russia, as evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the National Democratic Institute on May 2-11.

The poll showed that 89% of Ukrainians believe that the only acceptable scenario for ending the war is the return to Ukraine of the territory under its control until 2014, including the Donbas and the Crimea (73% said that this option is completely acceptable, 16% said it was rather acceptable), 7% do not agree).

A total of 66% of respondents considered the return of the territory controlled by Ukraine by 2022, not including the Crimea and the occupied territories, an insufficient price for peace (42% said it was completely unacceptable, 24% believe it is rather unacceptable). For 16% of respondents this option is more acceptable, while for 10% it is quite acceptable.

Also, the scenario according to which Ukraine claims only the territory that is now under its control is unacceptable for 81% of respondents (65% said that it is completely unacceptable, 16% claim that it is rather unacceptable). Some 13% of respondents admit such an option (for 7% it is more acceptable, and for6% it is completely acceptable).

The nationwide survey was developed and conducted by the National Democratic Institute in Ukraine. At the same time, fieldwork was conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology on May 2–11, 2022, using the Computerized Survey System (CATI).

Some 2,500 people were interviewed.

The survey is representative of the adult population currently living in Ukraine and using mobile phones. Territories that were not under Ukrainian control until Feb. 24, 2022 were excluded from the study. The margin of error does not exceed 3%.

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