1 June, 04:40 PM


A psychiatrist explains why Putin hates Ukraine and Ukrainians

The changes in Ukrainian society that have taken place in recent years provoked rage from Vladimir Putin, as they go beyond his understanding, psychiatrist Roman Dolynskyi told NV, assessing the condition of Putin’s health amid rumors that the dictator has developed cancer.

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In response to a request to explain Putin's militant aggression and hatred of Ukraine and Ukrainians, Dolynskyi suggested that he is “afraid of Ukraine's example for his people.”

“In fact, he is afraid of his people,” Dolynskyi said.

“This causes his rage, cruelty, as well as his age-related paranoia and suspicion of everyone. At the same time, his epileptic personality disorder also lies in the fact that everything around such a person should be only as he decides, and not otherwise.”

Dolynskyi called this feature of Putin's personality a “distorted kind of pedantry.”

“There are pedants who are worried about keeping order themselves and they have demands, first of all, for themselves, and epileptic personality disorder sufferers are pedants who make demands on the outside world and those around them,” the psychiatrist explained.

According to him, in everyday life, these kinds of people can have a violent affective reaction, if, in their opinion, something is not in its proper place. People like this boss everyone around, because, in their opinion, they are the only ones that can ever be right. They cannot accept the chaos of the world, so this is their way of keeping order, Dolynskyi explained.

At the same time, he notes, people with epileptic personality disorder cannot accept criticism and often react violently to it, because it destroys the picture of the order they want to impose.

“Obviously, the changes in Ukrainian society – the fact that it is freer, that it will not follow the old regime and socio-political system according to Soviet guidelines, according to which he grew up and the theses from which he still imposes on the people of his country - provoked this sort of rage from Putin. Since these changes go beyond the usual system in his understanding,” the psychiatrist said.

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