28 March, 12:20 PM

Putin’s orders to use nukes could be disobeyed, says Bellingcat

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin could resort to using nuclear weapons if he fails to capture Kyiv, but his orders could be blocked by the command chain, investigative journalist Christo Grozev told Ukrainian TV news channel Ukraine 24 on March 28.

 According to Grozev, who works with the open-source investigative group Bellingcat, the group’s sources warned that Putin had indicated that he was prepared to use nuclear weapons back in December and January.

“Even now these people say that he (Putin) could give the order should it become clear that Kyiv cannot be taken,” Grozev said.

“But he can’t use nuclear weapons by simply pressing the proverbial red button; there is such a button, but there also five more people down the command chain who all would need to repeat the order for a missile with a nuclear warhead to launch.”

“Our sources are certain that at least some of those five people would refuse to carry out the order (to use nuclear weapons).”

Grozev said Putin understands the situation and is “unlikely” to give an order that risks being disobeyed.

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