4 May, 09:42 PM

ZooPatrol shares the story of a cat trapped in a destroyed building for two months

On May 2, volunteers from ZooPatrol, a volunteer initiative working to save pets from Russian attacks, and personnel from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, rescued a cat from the seventh floor of a destroyed house in Borodianka with the help of specialized equipment.

Borodianka, a town in the Kyiv region, was liberated by the Ukrainian military on Apr. 1. Rescue work in the town is ongoing - as the story of this rescued cat testifies, as it had been living in a destroyed block of flats for the past two months.

After the happily successful rescue operation, ZooPatrol shared a photo of the cat and the details of his rescue on Facebook.

Yevhen Kibets from ZooPatrol / Фото: @State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Volunteers said that the house from which the cat was rescued was destroyed in early March, which means that the animal had been trapped on the seventh floor for about two months.

Veterinary examination of the animal's teeth showed that it was a female cat and was over 10 years old. Volunteers offered ZooPatrol’s subscribers to choose a name for it in the comments, and noted that one of the names that comes to mind is Shafa, as a reminder of another story of resilience and strength from Borodianka - a kitchen cabinet and rooster from the Vasylkiv Majolica factory.

A cat rescued from Borodianka / Фото: Photo: @ZooPatrol/Facebook

“The animal does not have any injuries or wounds, it has survived a real hell - shelling, hunger, ZooPatrol representatives wrote.

“It didn't have a drop of water. But most importantly, it is ALIVE. Of course, as always happens after the resonance and publicity, there was a woman who said – “it’s my cat, please give it back to me. The abandoned cat spent two months in that house and we did not receive any messages with a re-quest for rescue from any owners. The cat was accidentally seen by a volunteer who later contacted our organization.”

In their post, ZooPatrol volunteers thanked rescuers from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine from Borodianka and Irpin for their help in rescuing the cat.

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