24 August, 01:00 PM

Russian military capabilities in decline after six months of war, UK intelligence says

Moscow’s military, economic, and diplomatic capacity stands significantly diminished after six months of war in Ukraine, having failed to achieve most of their war aims, the UK’s Defense Ministry said in a daily military intelligence assessment on Twitter on Aug. 24.

The MoD notes that Russia launched the full-scale invasion of Ukraine seeking to topple the government in Kyiv and conquer most of the country, but by April it became clear to the Kremlin that the initial plan had failed, and its war aims were scaled down to focus on eastern and southern Ukraine.

“The Donbas offensive is making minimal progress and Russia anticipates a major Ukrainian counterattack,” the message reads.

“Operationally, Russia is suffering from shortages of munitions, vehicles and personnel.”

The assessment further suggests that troop morale is “poor” in much of Moscow’s forces, with the Russian army “significantly degraded,” its diplomatic reach diminished, and its economic prospects, as a result of sanctions, are bleak.

“Six months in and Russia’s war has proven both costly and strategically harmful,” the UK Ministry of Defense believes.

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