27 May, 12:19 PM

Russia deploys more troops from Crimea to Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya Oblast

The Russian military is redeploying troops from Crimea, a Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in 2014, to the direction of Zaporizhzhya, a major city and an important industrial hub for the central and southern regions, reported the Zaporizhzhya Military Administration via Telegram Messenger on May 26.

This deployment include infantry, aircraft, and naval forces.

A column of 20 cargo vehicles and 20 Grad multiple launch rocket systems have started moving from Crimea to Melitopol, a city in Zaporizhzhya Oblast occupied by Russian forces.

Russia is also transferring over T-62 tanks from the occupied peninsula. These are considered to be obsolete, since they were first released in the 1960s before the era of modern anti-tank weapons – Javelins, Stingers, NLAWs.

The Zaporizhzhya Military Administration states that there was no major Russian offensive action in the Zaporizhzhya direction, but the Russians still shelled Ukrainian army positions with their artillery, using mortars, airstrikes, and howitzers, with a focus on destroying Ukrainian artillery deployed to in the area.

The military administration added that Russian military is building a third line of defense and is deploying as many troops as needed to make their control over southern Ukraine more sustainable.

Meanwhile, Russian engineering units are planting mines on the shores of the Kakhovka Reservoir, a large artificially created lake on the Dnipro river.

“This all tells us one thing: Russia will be trying to keep the occupied territories under their control,” the administration wrote.

“For that purpose, the enemy is actively broadcasting propaganda materials [that provide biased or fake information] on the occupied territories through the means of their television and radio capacities.”

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