21 August, 11:57 AM

Russia may divert troops from front lines to defend occupied Crimea, says ISW

Russian occupation officials in the Crimea are likely considering strengthening security on thepeninsula following the attacks on Russian military targets, and may draw Russian troops awayfrom the front lines, the U.S.-based Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said in its Aug. 20 report.

According to ISW analysts, Russian forces have been using all types of security forces – including servicemen from the Rosgvardia national guard – as combat forces, and will likely need to divert some of these forces from the front lines and from occupation security duties elsewhere to defend occupied Crimea.

Thus, Russia’s continued failures to stop attacks against the occupied Crimea may also spark public discontent within Russian society. 

“One Russian (military blogger) criticized Russian forces for not using more electronic warfare equipment following the first drone attack on July 31,” the report says.

It is also noted social media footage already shows many Russians waiting in traffic jams to leave Crimea and return to Russia, which may reflect growing public concern over the effectiveness of Russian security measures.

As reported earlier, Russia is relocating warehouses with ammunition from Ukraine even deeper into its own territory and occupied Ukrainian territory due to explosions in the Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea and Russia’s Belgorod Oblast.

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