3 August, 07:22 PM

Russia preparing to increase missile attacks on Kharkiv and Oblast, governor warns

Russian invading forces are preparing to intensify missile attacks on Kharkiv and Oblast in the coming days and residents are asked not to ignore air raid alerts, the head of Kharkiv regional military administration, Oleh Synyehubov, said in a video message published on Facebook on Aug 3.

“We have information that in the near future the invaders will intensify missile strikes on Kharkiv and districts of Kharkiv Oblast,” said Synyehubov. “So my request is to respond properly to air alerts and missile threats, and to be in shelters during these alarms.”

Synyehubov also assured citizens that the Ukrainian forces are ready for fresh attempts by Russian invasion forces to launch an offensive on Kharkiv.

“Our defenders are holding the defense tightly, not allowing the enemy to move forward, even though it is trying to do so,” Synyehubov said.

“Even the invaders’ reconnaissance attempts are unsuccessful. They constantly suffer losses in manpower and vehicles. We’re strengthening our fortifications and our defensive capabilities daily. If they try to move forward, the enemy will only face another fiasco and even greater losses.”

The Russians are still regularly attacking Kharkiv. Early on the morning of Aug 3, Russia launched yet another strike on Kharkiv, reportedly using S-300 missiles, from the territory of the Russian city of Belgorod.

One enemy rocket hit the ground in the city’s Kholodnohirsky District. Another hit the territory of a civilian industrial facility in Novobavarsky District.

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