29 May 2022, 01:15 PM

Russia refloating boats to shore up its battered Black Sea Fleet

Moscow is attempting to recoup losses to its Black Sea Fleet by refloating previously-sunken boats, Ukrainian Operational Command South said in a Facebook post on May 28.

Russia's war against Ukraine - the main events of May 29

Meanwhile, the Russian strike group in southern Ukraine is holding on to the fortified positions it managed to seize, using a combination of Ka-52 attack helicopters and artillery to attack Ukrainian troops and towns in the region.

Mykolaiv was recently under attack from Russian Uragan multiple rocket launcher systems, leaving one civilians dead and seven injured. Eight buildings were damaged in the attack

“Russian ships in the Black Sea continue to present a missile strike threat; at the same time, there is an attempt to refloat a sunken Raptor-class patrol boat from near the Snake Island,” the southern command’s message reads.

Once afloat, the boat will be transported to Donuzlav. Russia is clearly trying to plug holes in its Black Sea Fleet by salvaging what it can from previously-lost ships, the Ukrainian military said.

According to Ukraine’s General Staff, Russia has lost 13 ships and boats since Feb. 24.

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