5 May 2022, 01:46 PM

Most Russian Black Sea Fleet warships are back in Sevastopol Bay

The majority of Russian Black Sea Fleet is currently back at Moscow’s naval base in Sevastopol in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimean Peninsula, U.S.-funded news outlet Radio Liberty reported on May 5.

Seven Russian ships are moored near the Kuryna pier, including some Project 1135 Thunderbird vessels. Several weeks into the war, the Russian Navy obscured the hull numbers of its ships, in order to make it difficult to identify specific vessels of the same type.

A Project 1241 Lightning-1 missile boat is also seen to be moored.

Moreover, a Project 1239 Sivuch missile hovercraft is also in Sevastopol.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet has a total of three Thunderbird frigates in service: the Admiral Grigorovich (494), the Admiral Essen (490), and the Admiral Makarov (499).

The Ukrainian command-and-reconnaissance ship Slavutych (U510), which was captured by Russia during its illegal 2014 occupation of Crimea, can be seen in Sevastopol as well.

The Kuryna pier also has a Project 22160 patrol boat moored near it. Russia operates three vessels of this type: the Vasili Bykov (368), the Dmitri Rogachov (375), and the Pavel Derzhavin (363).

A Project 21631 Buyan-M missiles ship is moored in Sukharna Bay. There are three such vessels in Russia’s Black Sea Fleet: the Vyshny Volochok (609), the Orekhovo-Zuevo (626), the Ingushetia (630), and the Grayvoron (600).

Another Buyan-M ship is moored near a naval fuel depot in Hrafska Bay.

Three Project 1171 landing ships – the Tapir, Orsk (148), and Nikolai Filchenkov – are moored in the Southern Bay.

Six missile-armed Russian warships remain deployed in the Black Sea.

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