5 August, 11:49 AM

Russian gas company Gazprom burning off gas intended for sale to Europe

Starting in May, Russia's Gazprom began burning off gas near the Portovaya compressor station, through which it is pumped into the Nord Stream pipeline, Finnish publication Yle reported on Aug. 4.

The outlet notes that a large flame in the area near the Portovaya compressor station is visible even from Finland.

Flares began to be recorded as early as May 22, when the Russian monopolist reduced gas transit to Europe through Ukraine's gas transmission system.

Earlier, the Canadian government agreed to make an exception to sanctions against Russia and send a turbine for the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Germany – to help Berlin and reduce the risk of Russia not resuming the work of Nord Stream after scheduled maintenance work. The turbine had been undergoing maintenance in Canada.

Despite this, Russia has cut gas pumping through the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which runs under the Baltic Sea to Germany, to one-fifth of its capacity since July 27.

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