20 June 2022, 02:07 PM

Russia has had Poland in its sights for a while, says Polish intelligence

Poland has long been one of Russia’s “targets,” Polish intelligence spokesperson Stanislaw Zaryn said in a Twitter post on June 19.

According to Zaryn, Russia uses propaganda and misinformation campaigns to undermine Polish sovereignty.

“The Kremlin is carrying out various activities aiming to strike at the fundamental right of Poles to their own statehood and security,” he said.

“Russia is trying to convince the Russian society and the West that Poland has no right to sovereignty, should not be taken seriously by its allies, and should instead be in a security ‘limbo’ between NATO and Russia.”

On June 17, the former head of Poland’s National Security Bureau, Stanislaw Koziej, said that while Russia had already lost the war in a political and strategic sense, further military escalation is possible in Ukraine, the Baltics, Poland, and other Western countries.

Should his escalation game plan prove to be effective, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin could make another play in several years, targeting, for example, the Suwalki Gap (the area near Polish-Lithuanian border, between Belarus and Russia’s Kaliningrad), according to Koziej.

At the same time, he said he’s convinced Russia will be significantly weakened by the war in Ukraine.

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