4 March, 03:20 PM

Russian invasion forces capture Ukrainian pilot, force him to take part in propaganda video

Russian invasion forces captured a Ukrainian military pilot who ejected after being hit by an enemy missile, and have forced him to take part in a Russian propaganda video, the command of Ukraine’s air forces reports on Mar. 4.

A video clip, published by the Russians, shows the pilot under duress and the threat of reprisal, giving interviews to the invading forces about Ukrainian nationalists and saying that Ukraine should not aspire to join the EU and NATO, but instead be friends with the “brotherly” people of Russia, which has launched an unproved war of aggression against Ukraine.

“The video will be distributed on Russian TV and in social networks by the [propagandists]. DO NOT BELIEVE [A WORD OF IT]! The pilot is ours, from the honored 299th tactical aviation brigade. Those words AREN'T his!” the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated.

The Ukrainian army adds that they have no doubts about the patriotism and courage of the young pilot, who successfully completed several combat missions in the space of a few days, defending the country from Russian invaders.

“We will do everything possible to bring our guy home!” the message concludes.

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