14 June, 06:29 PM

Russians tried to scrap their own air defense systems for metal in Donetsk Oblast

In Donetsk Oblast, some Russian soldiers attempted to scrap components from their own air defense systems, reported the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on June 14.

Reportedly, the Russian soldiers removed parts of the control systems from their Tor-M2U surface-to-air missile defense vehicles, and decided to sell them at a recycling facility. By making their equipment incapable of combat they wanted to avoid being sent to the front lines, but failed In this attempt.

“At the scrap metal recycling facility, they asked for a too high price, which led to a conflict with the staff of the facility,” says the intelligence service.

“The staff immediately reported the “businessmen” to the so-called “DPR police.”

The command of the regiment where this is said to have occurred has rushed to ex-plain the loss of the systems as a consequence of combat, and the soldiers involved are said to continue to serve as infantry units on the front lines.

Earlier this month, Russian soldiers trampled the word “Khokhly”, a Russian derogatory slur for Ukrainians, into a field, but they did so near their own positions. The word was noticed by Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance, which called down an artillery strike on them. Photo shared by the Come Back Alive Foundation.

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