3 August, 06:14 PM

Russian troops in Kherson look for bomb shelters and scour for boats, Ukrainian intelligence says

Russian forces in occupied areas of Kherson Oblast are scouting for bomb shelters, as they are getting ready for a potential Ukrainian counteroffensive in the region, Ukrainian Military Intelligence said in a message on its website on Aug. 3.

In particular, Russian troops were looking to secure underground tunnels beneath a Kherson textile factory, in order to park as many as 40 armored vehicles beneath the facility.

“Turns out, these tunnels were converted into bomb shelters for factory employees, complete with food and water stockpiles,” the message said.

“The next night, (Russian) invaders broke in and looted the supplies.”

In nearby Antonivka, Russians were buying every rubber dingy they could get their hands on – presumably due to Ukrainian artillery attacking bridges over the Dnipro River.

The Ukrainian military’s South Operational Command earlier said that Moscow is looking to launch a new offensive in southern Ukraine, in order to preempt the impending Ukrainian effort to liberate occupied areas of Kherson and Zaporizhzhya oblasts.

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