1 August, 08:04 PM

Russians desert posts in occupied Kherson Oblast amid Ukrainian advance, regional governor says

Russian service members visit the homes of local residents in Kherson Oblast and swap military uniforms for plain clothes to avoid fighting, reported acting regional governor Dmytro Butriy on Telegram on Aug. 1.

"According to residents of various districts across the region, the occupiers are very scared. They go to the houses of locals and change into civilian clothes to escape from the battlefield," he said.

Butriy said that active hostilities continue in the region. Due to shelling, more and more settlements are on the brink of destruction.

People leave their damaged houses en masse, and the surviving buildings are occupied by Russian troops.

Children sustain shrapnel injuries, people sit in cold basements without water or food for weeks on end.

In most of the temporarily occupied communities, stores and pharmacies do not work. There has been no electricity and water supply since the beginning of the war.

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