22 November, 11:20 PM

Russians feeling increasingly gloomy and apathetic towards war, survey says

A recent Kremlin-commissioned survey of Russian public opinion has shown that Russians are felling increasingly pessimistic about the future of their country and indifferent to the war in Ukraine, Russian media outlet Meduza reported on Nov. 22.

According to Meduza’s sources, focus group data clearly indicates that the Russians "don’t feel optimistic about their future and the future of the country."

“They aren’t switching to opposing or rejecting the ‘special military operation,” one source told Meduza.

“They are just indifferent and apathetic. Nothing inspires them, nothing pushes forward. They just want to be left alone.”

He stressed that these sentiments aren’t connected with Ukraine’s counteroffensives or the retreat of Russian forces from Kherson. Instead, the Kremlin believes that the Russians are "tired of the war in general."

The sources also noted that despite major propaganda efforts, Russians are growing more inclined to question the causes of the war and reasons behind the string of Russian military defeats.

Earlier Meduza reports said that back in April, most Russians held belligerent attitudes and wanted a victory against Ukraine.

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