1 July, 07:52 PM

Russians lost almost $1 billion dollars worth of equipment during occupation of Snake Island — Forbes Ukraine

During the occupation of Ukraine’s Snake (Zmiinyi) Island from February to June, the Russian military lost almost a billion dollars worth of equipment, Forbes Ukraine wrote on July 1. The lion’s share of this amount is taken by the sunken cruiser Moskva, which cost $750 million.

The Ukrainian military additionally destroyed eight Russian missile systems – Tor, Pantsir and Strela – to the tune of more than $100 million.

The modern tugboat Vasily Bekh, worth $25 million, was sunk by anti-ship missiles of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Also, the landing craft Serna, worth $20 million, sank near the island.

In addition, the Ukrainian military destroyed at least one Mi-8 helicopter, put out of action two Russian Raptor patrol boats, and damaged a substantial amount of various radar equipment that the Russians had in-stalled on the island.

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