19 July, 04:28 PM

Russia rushing to hold "referendum" on annexation of captured Luhansk Oblast, believe regional authorities

Invading Russian forces want to hold a "referendum on joining Russia" in the captured territories of Luhansk Oblast ahead of schedule, the head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration, Serhiy Hayday, said on Telegram messenger on July 18.

According to him, the occupying administration had originally decided to hold a “vote” on the matter on September 11. He gave two reasons for the updated schedule:

“Firstly, the ogres have huge logistical problems due to the destruction of the ammunition depots,” said Hayday.

“Secondly, Russians understand that the Ukrainian territories are not giving in to them, they fear a counteroffensive, so they will not be able to quickly annex the captured Donbas to Russia in order to announce a general mobilization, so they decided not to wait — and are already campaigning in the occupied part of Luhansk Oblast," said Hayday.

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