27 August 2022, 03:58 PM

Satellite image shows aftermath of fresh strikes on Antonivsky Bridge in occupied Kherson

A satellite image by U.S. company Planet Labs has picked out the devastating aftermath of the latest strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Antonivsky bridge near the occupied city of Kherson on Aug. 26.

OSINT researcher Tim Ehrhart posted the relevant image on Twitter.

He said the imagery was acquired at around 3 p.m. on Aug. 26.

“Damage continues to be limited to a single span on the southern side,” Ehrhart tweeted.

“The section hasn’t fallen, but damage is visible and no vehicles are visible on the bridge.”

The researcher also showed a satellite image of the Dariivsky Bridge across the Inhulets River, which was also hit by the Ukrainian Army.

“Unfortunately, the resolution doesn’t tell us how big the hole is,” Ehrhart tweeted.

“A pontoon bridge was in place, so clearly they need to send some vehicles there instead of Dariivsky bridge.”

Explosions one hour apart rocked Kherson in the afternoon on Aug. 26. Later, netizens reported witnessing strikes on the Antonivsky Bridge, with some posting video footage.

Ukraine’s defense forces also hit the Dariivsky bridge in Kherson Oblast, rendering it inoperable, the Ukrainian military said.

Earlier, the Armed Forces of Ukraine said they were maintaining full fire control over all transport arteries through which the Russian invaders could replenish their reserves and supplies in Kherson Oblast.

The Antonivsky bridge across the Dnipro River near the city of Kherson was literally “broken in two” following the Ukrainian military’s latest attack on the structure on Aug. 22, according to reports on social media by local eyewitnesses.

Kherson Regional Council member Serhiy Khlan said Ukrainian forces had attacked the bridge while a convoy of Russian military equipment with ammunition was moving across it.

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