1 August, 06:58 PM

SBU unveils Russia’s plans for sham referendum in occupied Kherson Oblast

The Security Service of Ukraine has intercepted documents regulating Russia's plans for a pseudo-referendum, with which it intends to legitimize the occupation of the part of Kherson Oblast currently under its control, the agency reported on Twitter on Aug. 1.

Allegedly, the Russian occupation authorities have already developed the concept of preparation for the fake plebiscite and have determined the main vectors of work with certain deadlines.

At the same time, the date of the actual voting is yet to be finalized.

The occupying administration plans to delegate the key role in its organization to the pro-Kremlin organization "Volunteers for Russia", whose members, under the supervision of Russian special services, are to spread out throughout the region to simulate the support for the occupiers by local residents, as well as to organize staged television footage for propaganda.

Moreover, in order to increase electoral support, the Russians plan to bribe people with food kits and SIM cards of Russian cellular carriers.

"To this end, the ‘activists’ plan to organize more than 140 simultaneous pro-Russian pickets, more than 30 of which are to be held in [Kherson City],” SBU spokesman Artem Dekhtyarenko said.

“Media outlets controlled by the Kremlin and bloggers, who flock to the region en masse, have to cover the campaign meetings. In addition, representatives of the occupation administration received a task from their Moscow overseers to create 20 ‘election commissions’ under the leadership of local collaborators. The composition of the ‘electoral commissions’ should have been approved by Aug. 1 of this year.”

At the same time, according to intercepted Russian materials, the Gauleiters inform their Russian leaders that the local residents do not accept the idea of "accession", are actively resisting and waiting for the liberation of the region from the aggressors.

At this stage, the SBU has identified and located all the traitors and their "coordinators" from Russia involved in the organization of the pseudo-referendum.

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