10 May, 05:40 PM

Drunk Russians kidnap Ukrainian referee near Kherson

In Nova Kakhovka, near the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, a group of intoxicated Russians have abducted Ukrainian soccer referee Iryna Petrova, the Kherson city council said in a Facebook post on May 9.

According to the council, five drunk men, adorned with Russia’s St. George ribbons, forcibly took Petrova to a police station, after she allegedly refused to participate in a local soccer tournament, organized by the occupation authorities.

37-year-old Petrova was assaulted at 1600 near her home, and the exact motive for the kidnapping remains unclear.

“Eyewitnesses report (these) men were intoxicated and forcibly escorted the woman to a police station, where she is being detained,” the message reads.

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