25 July, 04:39 PM

Russian army still failing to gain ground in Donbas, says Institute for the Study of War

The Ukrainian military’s actions in Kherson Oblast may signal that a counteroffensive in the region has already started, or is being prepared, the U.S. Institute for the Study of War stated in a new report on July 24. ISW noted that the Russian military is conducting only limited ground attacks in the oblast.

Earlier, ISW analysts warned that information about a probable Ukrainian counteroffensive in Kherson Oblast will likely be limited and arrive with a delay.

Their latest report points out that Ukrainian officials "increasingly recognize counter-offensive operations" in the region, referring to the words of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Kherson Regional Councilmember Sergey Khlan, and data from the Ukrainian military’s Operational Command South.

According to the ISW, the major points of the combat situation in Ukraine over the past day include:

  • Russian forces attempting limited ground assaults northwest of Slovyansk, east of Siversk, and south of Bakhmut on July 24;
  • Ukrainian strikes damaging all three Russian-controlled bridges leading into Kherson City within the past week;
  • Russian forces attempting limited ground assaults in Kherson Oblast;
  • The Kremlin facing mounting (if still very limited) domestic dissent from ethnic minorities who are disproportionately bearing the burden of the Russian war in Ukraine (specifically, protest groups have emerged in the Tuva and Buryatia republics);
  • The Kremlin continuing to create regional volunteer battalions and leveraging private military companies’ recruitment drives to generate combat power;
  • Russian occupation authorities continuing to set conditions for an annexation “referendum” in the occupied territories and recruiting Russian civilians for reconstruction efforts.
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Battle for Donbas

Russian troops conducted a limited ground attack northwest of Slovyansk on July 24, but failed to take control of Bohorodychne (20 km northwest of Slovyansk).

Also, the Russian army continued ground attacks east of Siversk on the same day. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that the Russian troops unsuccessfully tried to advance west from Verkhniokamyanka and Bilohorivka towards Verkhniokamyanske (5 km east of Siversk).

The invading forces also persist with ground attacks to the south of Bakhmut — in particular, to assume control over the Vuhledarsk thermal power plant and Novoluhanske. However, according to army command, Russian troops failed to advance from the village of Roty to Semyhirya, approximately 20 km southeast of Bakhmut.

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